Welcome to my personal site, please have a look around. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or e-mail. To schedule a meeting with me, take a look at my availability and send me an invitation for a time that is free. There are places to comment throughout the site, please feel free to leave your opinion.

You can find this website hosted on github here

Most Recent Posts

Oct 20, 2019 writings Designing a Game for Upper Extremity Motor Function Assessment Using Anki Cozmo, a Desktop Social Robot
Oct 20, 2019 writings Designing Arms for Lil’Flo, a Socially Assistive Rehabilitation Robot
Jun 28, 2019 writings Designing and Evaluating the Face of Lil’Flo: An Affordable Social Rehabilitation Robot
May 6, 2019 writings Design of an Affordable Socially Assistive Robot for Remote Health and Function Monitoring and Prognostication
Oct 25, 2018 blog Thoughts and Takeaways from the Oct 2018 RET Conference and On My Experience as an RET Mentor

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