Every year I make a Christmas list to get shared around, they are generally pretty comical (lots of large earth movers most years). Of course my birthday is right before Christmas, so the list covers that as well. This year I also am graduating right before Christmas :)

I figured I would throw the list here this year. I will keep adding stuff on as I think of them. Of course no one needs to get me any of the stuff on here, but hopefully you think at least some of the items are interesting.


Yeah, I find myself without a sailboat. That is no good. I haven’t figured out where I would sail, how I would get a boat there, etc… But I sure would like to start sailing again. I guess I could take the cheaper option and join the GT Sailing club… but…



  • surface pro dock
  • My external monitor is starting to look rough. It would be nice to have something to keep up with the PPI on my surface Pro 3.
  • I really want a machine that I can run Virtual Machines on top of
  • Twiddler
  • A holo lens
  • SurfaceBook

Tools (as always)

  • A scopemeter
  • Glowforge - cool laser cutter, currently on sale
  • Welding equipment
  • A CNC lathe and/or mill
    • Obviously something professional like a Haas would be sweet, but there are also people like Tormach that make pretty slick machines for cheap
  • Batteries for drills
  • A slightly more professional laser cutter
    • Hehe, watch the video
  • Plasma cutter
  • ooh, fancy

House stuff

  • Big bowls
  • Juicer - maybe I would become healthy :P

Shoes - My shoes are at their end, need something new

Mobile Electronics

  • My phone is really sucking it up, time for a new one
    • I’ll have to see what new phones come out, I am thinking a Windows Phone 10
  • Microsoft Band

Camera (I have a Nikon D7200)


  • XBOX one
  • Playstation 4


  • leg warmers
  • arm warmers
  • base layer
  • windbreaker
  • helmet
  • Bike Rack
  • Saddle Bags

Other stuff