I am way late posting this, but there should be post about July 4th…


Kathryn flew up on Wednesday afternoon, and she wandered around on Thursday while I was at work. After work we rode bikes to the Indy Museum of Art (thank you to Jessica Buschman for letting us borrow her bike for Kathryn, we used it like crazy). Then Thursday night we went out. We got dinner at Kilroy’s (they were the only place left serving, since we are late people). Then we tried out Howl at the Moon, which was pretty lousy. We then went on to Taps and Dolls, which we promptly left. So we ended up at Blu, which was actually pretty good.


On Friday we rode around the city, exploring. For the most part we stuck to the cultural trail, but we stopped alot along the way and really explored the city. We ended up eating at Bakersfield, for a snack and drink, which was yummy. And then got some desert at a local chocolatier. After all of our riding around we were pretty tired, so we just stayed in Friday afternoon.


On Saturday for July 4th we walked all over the city, figuring there would be too many people for bikes. Turns out people don’t get out ‘till late on July 4th. We stopped off at Bru Burger for some burgers, which were yummy. We also stopped by some different events, into some more stores, and just in general explored. After getting pretty tired we headed back to the apartment for a while, then went back out and hung up a hammock by the mouth of the canal (I am the only hammocker I have seen in the city). So we ended up watching fireworks from a hammock, which was awesome.


Sunday, we went to Le Peep for brunch, which was mediocore at best (I won’t be back). Then, there was a food festival by the mouth of the canal, which was a bit pricey for what you got, but which we wanted to check out. When we went down to the canal, we decided not to go in to the festival and instead hammocked nearby. When we got hungry we went to blaze pizza, which was actually very good. After eating, Kathryn convinced me that we should go to the world cup block party at St. Joseph Brewery, and thank goodness she did, it was a great time. There was a large crowd of people who were into it, everyone seemed friendly, and on top of all that St. Joseph was selling some very tasty beer (I got the Benevolent Belgian Blond). Overall a very good time and we won!!

All in all it was a great weekend, loads of fun to explore the city with Kathryn. To Kathryn, thank you for coming out here.